About Applying Knowledge

Applying Knowledge provides consulting for companies hosted on the Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google, and IBM Cloud platforms.

We develop and deploy innovative solutions for both Microsoft and Linux environments. Clients range from small start-ups, large corporations, and governmental organizations.

Whether your organization is already on the Cloud or are just getting started, Applying Knowledge will provide you with our extensive professional experience across all major Cloud services, including Amazon EC2 system administration, VPC architecture design, S3 deployments, IAM security management, and RDS database configuration.

Our founder & CEO, Mr. Amin-Tehrani has over two decades of Network/Information Systems Design and Implementation experience. He has successfully developed architectures and implemented innovative cloud computing solutions. He is an experienced solutions architect for cloud initiatives and production environments for various markets like healthcare and government.

When you work with Applying Knowledge, you can expect a personalized service that is tailored to your organization's needs.