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Cloud Roadmap

Assessment and Strategy

Cloud computing made easy

At Applying Knowledge, we offer a full range of Cloud consulting services focused on helping your organization, from small- and medium-sized businesses to large enterprise and government entities, move to the Cloud to gain a strategic advantage for your business through lower costs, greater scalability and reliability.

Our cloud strategy services



Analysis and Assessment

Strategy and Cloud Design/ Redesign

Configuration Reviews

Configuration Setups/Changes

Let us handle the hard stuff

New to cloud infrastructures? Applying Knowledge will get your initial accounts, network infrastructure, and server deployments up and running. A good cloud-based strategy will give you a strong basis to leverage your business and make more informed business decisions critical to your success. Our qualified consultants can help you build your cloud strategy to benefit your entire organization.

Already on AWS or another cloud platform? We provide ongoing EC2 system administration and project work to ensure your environment runs smoothly. We can update your roadmap and reassess your environment to optimize your current cloud services. We will do a complete configuration review for your current cloud solution, whether it is AWS, Azure or another platform, and create a strategy that works best for your business goals.

Our assessment approach includes analyzing your environment and collecting business intelligence through analysis and discovery, gap analysis, requirements gathering, and your business goals. We will work together to use this information to build a strategy customized for your short- and long-term business strategy.


Cloud Adoption


PHASE 1: Information Gathering, Research and Strategy

  • Business intelligence gathering

  • Building a cloud strategy

PHASE 2:  Assessment and Planning:

  • Assessing your current environment

  • Cloud migration planning

  • Analysis of your service providers

  • Analysis of your staff and resources

  • Software licensing

  • Contracts and service level agreements

  • Business case and user stories

  • Security assessment and planning

PHASE 3:  Migration and Adoption

  • Data assessment

  • Data governance creation

  • Solution architecture

  • Cloud adoption processes and procedures

PHASE 4:  Service Management

  • Assurance Management

  • Service Management

  • Demand Management

PHASE 5:  Transition

  • Cloud service evolution

  • Transition planning

Phase 1



Phase 2

& Planning

Phase 3


& Adoption

Phase 5


Phase 4



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