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Cloud Optimization, Management and Support

Right-size your applications

If you are already in the cloud, simply putting your applications in the cloud isn’t the end of the process. You need to know how your users are using your cloud services.


Companies are able to analyze how much users consume and adjust cloud services accordingly, whether it’s resizing instances, optimizing storage or eliminating wasteful disks. There are many ways to customize your cloud services to fit your business, even when it changes. And we can help you optimize your cloud whether your business is changing or whether you simply want more value from your cloud.

Are you receiving maximum benefit from your cloud service?

Knowing how you use the cloud and what resources you use is important to receiving maximum financial, performance and efficiency benefits from your cloud services.

We offer many services from lifecycle management to cloud management and monitoring.

Cloud Management and Support

Does your organization currently run your website or another service on Microsoft’s Azure or other cloud platform? Are your developers spending more time developing and less time patching, managing capacity, and responding to issues with your AWS instances?


We provide managed services for the cloud to keep your services online and running smoothly 24 x 7 x 365 without impacting your development resources.


Our Cloud Support offering includes managed services that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Instance and service monitoring alerts


Instance and infrastructure maintenance

Instance and service provisioning and scaling

Disaster recovery and backup management

Incident management, response and root cause analysis

Business level cloud support

Cloud cost optimization

As an experienced cloud support provider, we offer our customers flexible and customized managed service solutions to support their secured cloud environment. The result of our managed services ensures our customers achieve high availability, boost scalability and reliability, innovate faster, secure their environment, adhere to compliance, and gain high ROI.

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