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Native Cloud Application Architecture

Cloud Architecture made for you

Applying Knowledge understands applications perform more efficiently when designed for the platform on which they run. Applications developed for cloud platforms are an important aspect of your cloud architecture.


Poorly designed applications running on the cloud, whether it’s public or private, don’t give you intended services to have the best cloud value for your company.

Our approach delivers best practices for the success of how your applications interact with your cloud architecture for optimal performance.

  • Model your cloud applications for performance and scaling while they are being developed

  • Make security a priority within your applications by baking it into your apps

  • Be state-smart and develop applications to be stateless as often as possible

  • Continuously refine your architecture to scale to your business needs

  • Adoption of micro services and containers

  • Use APIs to support inter-service collaboration

Why are cloud native applications important?

Native cloud applications are specifically built for your cloud instance. These applications are built in an agile manner by our expert dev teams and offer easy scaling and hardware decoupling allowing your organization to take advantage of resilience, portability and agility in your cloud environment.

Focusing on resilience means your services are always on and available. This not only benefits your customers, but also your business and long-term strategy. Downtime means lost revenue and lost reputation.

Applying Knowledge can analyze your application architecture to ensure your applications are developed to be the most beneficial to your cloud instance.


Need your applications developed to run in your cloud instance? Give us a call to discuss how we can make your cloud application architecture optimized for your type of cloud.




Potomac, MD
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